TTWAU is proud to work with our lead service guru Trevor Walsh. He has been involved with Direct Sales and Network Marketing for 35 years. He is the father of three grown children and is happily married.  As a serial entrepreneur, he has owned multiple businesses in seven different countries. He was a top 30 income earner in a multibillion-dollar network marketing giant with over two million reps. He retired at age 31 and has been enjoying his residual income with his wife and family.

But, even with all that success, Trevor still feels the itch to return to the entrepreneur world.  He has dabbled with start-ups since retiring and now wants to fully commit again, and he feels TTWAU is the right company at the right time.

Trevor knows what it takes to build sales teams. He was and still is a pioneer in the field of sales and marketing. Some examples of his leadership are; he hosted a weekly lead training call had upwards of 5000 people a week on it. He had developed tens of millions of leads over the years. In 1999 his network marketing group spearheaded lead generation and had outstanding success.  This lead generation was the first of its kind in network marketing. About that time he was then given the title ‘King of posture’ and spoke on posture and mindset on a weekly basis, especially regarding conversion of leads into sales. He credits part of that success to the creation of simple scripts and simple easy to understand trainings that gave his team and company global success in multiple countries. 

Trevor is excited about the future with TTWAU and says, “now is the biggest evolution to lead marketing/internet marketing which is using text messaging software along with extremely high end leads to create double opt-in leads ready for your call. It is exciting to see people in many different companies have extraordinary success. We are first to market with what we are doing. We are using the number one texting software in the industry combined with the highest quality SMS leads and it is truly a game changer. People are seeing results in this industry with NO sales training at all. NO ridiculous follow up. NO chasing people. What a blessing”. 

Trevor remains a trail blazing, forward thinking leader, and there is no doubt that now with so many new technology tools at his disposal, this man is going to set new records again and will help propel TTWAU into the stratosphere.

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