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The Basics

1)  This is unlike any program you have
ever seen.

2)  It is legitimate, and easy to verify, (click here for verification info).

3)  Your residential and/or commercial electrical service discount is a result of a unique program in your State, (click here for verification info). 


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"The Basics" Section.

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Common Concerns

4)  Your discount does NOT include solar or wiring change on, or around your house.


5)  Your utility company will not change. Your billing will show a monthly discount of 10% to 30%, for 20 years.


5)  Your discount will require automatic payment which deducts the next month AFTER your utility discount is in place.


6)  There are no costs to start, no costs to participate, and no cost to cancel. 


7)  You have no responsibility for infrastructure maintenance.

Time - Limited Opportunity

8)  Not all utility providers are offering this opportunity.  Once all subscriptions are spoken for enrollments stop for that particular project.


9)  This means customer enrollment is indeed limited. There are no advantages to waiting to enroll your electric meter in this program.

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The Bottom Line

10) There are no hidden obligations, no installations, no loans, no repayment, no catch, and no tricks. Simply put – there are no risks, just a choice of a discount or full price for your electricity service.

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"The Bottom Line" Section.

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