Employee or Entrepreneur? (Part 2)

Which Risk Do You Prefer?

(Continued from Part 1)

There is a higher evolved type of predator on the employment landscape now.  I’m referring of course to the money, power and influence of big corporations.


May I remind you that big corporations can control markets and force out the mom & pop businesses?  When this happens, it turns their generational livelihoods into cold, hard ledger balances, their inventory and properties into devalued assets, and usually all bought for pennies on the dollar.  Decisions of predator corporations are faceless, blind and profit-driven. Corporations as an entity obviously feel nothing and answer only to stockholders for profit.  In that case, your job and livelihood loss would just be collateral damage.  Can you trust there would be a severance to cover your living expenses long enough to find something else?  How do you manage risks such as this?


Do you really think working for any company is safe long term?


Generally, because of volatile economic conditions, mom & pop employment isn’t safe long-term.  And even if you work for one of the larger corporations, your division could be sold off, closed because it isn’t profitable enough, they could go bust, or they are exported to another country, all without much notice to you.  Will they offer you a contract for job security with them, one that holds them responsible for the damage to your livelihood if they left you high and dry? The answer would be no, because employers don’t offer contracts like that.  It’s a risk that just isn’t discussed, and everyone wants to pretend isn’t there – until it stares you in the face.


What Set Of Risks Are You More Comfortable With?


If you are in charge of your own business, at least you have more control. You are the one making the decisions for yourself, and your employees. You can have a conscience and hopefully sleep at night from the decisions you make.  As a business owner you will still have problems but they will be mostly of your own making.


While my father was a gifted carpenter who built beautiful homes that have stood the test of time…he wasn’t an entrepreneur.  He had a family to provide for, and he wasn’t a gambler with our livelihoods. There was nothing wrong with his decision to take care of his family by working for others. It was honorable and extremely difficult for him to juggle so many physically taxing jobs.  All his labor showed how much he loved us.  However, working so many jobs concurrently to provide for us, took precious, irreplaceable time with him away from us all.  Our family wasn’t rich, but we were comfortable, and always had enough thanks to dad.

Are you an entrepreneur?  Do you dream of freedom from servitude, and independence? Or are you content with working for others?  Maybe you are. Clearly, that’s ok. The world does need employees to make things work.  There is no shame in choosing what works for you and your loved ones.


However, if you have a business vision that is so pervasive that you just can’t shake it, and it’s all you can do work at a job you hate, then you might be an entrepreneur in the making.  The questions are; how much of a gambler are you? How much do you trust yourself? Will working for others really be “enough” for you?  Can you make your business dreams viable enough to justify the risks?  Can you find a way to mitigate the risk and test your wings as a business owner?


It’s all up to you.  But, don’t keep delaying what you want. You might get to the end and feel you missed your chance to both provide for your family, and spend time with them.


For the record, I don’t think my dad had any regrets.


Melissa Waters                                                                                                                                           TTWAU Brand Ambassador

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Melissa J Waters

Melissa J Waters

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