Income Disclosure


Our Base Services

Tell The World About Us helps businesses grow.  We utilize clear, effective, and to-the-point, customizable, and replicable website templates for quality, self-identified lead capture pages, and registration pages. Our sites can be replicated for company’s agents, representatives, or affiliates to expand a business’s market reach. We offer company and Business and Personal Bio pages for online image enhancement.  Additionally, we offer a Multiplier Service Option for growing other business endeavors. These pages also are highly marketable to a variety of businesses and are of course commissionable to affiliates. Other business-enhancing bonuses for our customer’s existing business may also be offered from time to time. 


Affiliate Relationship

The TTWAU (“Company”) Compensation Plan only relates to an ‘optional’ customer benefit whereas our customer earns handsome commissions as an affiliate when a referral purchases a website and/or pays their hosting fees. 


There is no upper or lower limit on commissions that can be earned by affiliates. The number of sales from affiliates can range from zero to infinity because there are no quotas, no salaries, and no draws or commission bases. TTWAU offers no multi-level payment or compensation plan and has no plan to do so in the future. TTWAU is fully FTC Compliant.  

Professional Networking Opportunities

We also provide our customers with  various 3rd party affiliate programs with established opportunities.  We help them grow their existing businesses by allowing them to showcase their goods and services to our large customer base, being a win-win for everyone.  


Income From Outside Sources

TTWAU offers our business customers various 3rd party affiliate programs to increase their income, (a service much appreciated by struggling and new upstart businesses). This is especially useful in our (soon to be) post-pandemic economic climate. 


Income Projections

There are no implied or expressed guarantees of results for customers who purchase our websites. Also, there are no guarantees of results for TTWAU affiliates.  Individual results will vary depending on individual marketing efforts, experience, financial resources, commitment levels, and market conditions. At this time TTWAU has no longevity statistics  to compile income data and project reliable income disclosures. Once we have accumulated enough data, a fact-based income disclosure will be made available. 


At this time the company income projections figures below are based solely on total industry standards. Therefore, given the industry as a whole, the projected average annual gross revenue for affiliates is projected to be anywhere between $500 and $2,000. These numbers do not reflect any expenses that could be associated with building an affiliate business with TTWAU. Depending on individual spending habits and success level, expenses could exceed the commissions received. Working as an affiliate with TTWAU does not require any financial obligation such as dues or marketing packages such as business cards, flyers, etc. 



Some TTWAU customers will utilize our affiliate program to aggressively earn affiliate commissions and make use of our other services for enhancing their existing business and find new financial opportunities.  While other customers may never refer anyone. They may only have a basic site and never make use of our other built-in bonuses and benefits. It is the customer’s choice. TTWAU may encourage participation or offer upgrades in service plans, but does not require customers to become affiliates or attempt to extract money from our affiliates just to become or remain an affiliate for TTWAU.


Any income projections that might have been presented to you are not necessarily representative of future income. Income projections should not be thought of as guarantees of your current or projected earnings. Your success or failure at this or any business depends solely on your drive, effort, commitment, time investment, and resources. 


Final Thoughts

We know that our company services, features, and benefits are second-to-none. We believe that our clean and direct site structure, bonuses,  along with our various 3rd party affiliate program options will indeed help our business owners, to not only survive but will actually help them thrive. TTWAU looks forward to working with you in building your business and increasing all your financial opportunities.

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