It Really IS All About You

They Are Buying More Than Your Products and Services.

It’s easy to forget that sometimes your prospects, aren’t just buying what you are offering, sometimes, they first are buying “you”. This is especially true if they anticipate a working relationship with you, such as an affiliate relationship, or the purchase is a costly one. Sometimes to feel secure they need to know something about your background, experience or training.

I’m not at all suggesting a dry, boring resume-type bio that will make your reader yawn, and decide to check their email instead of reading further about you. Rather I’m suggesting that you consider a Business Bio site to add to your companies image portfolio. There is no extra cost for this, and it can give you a real leg up over your competition. 

Professionals like Realtors, Musicians, Consultants, Social Media Influencers, online business owners love our services, especially the bio page as it adds depth and personality to their online image. Even though our world is very automated, people still prefer to know who they are dealing with. They want a face and personality behind the business they are about to use.

Realtors for example, can use our service as a hub for their other services such as their property management service, referral services, house flipping business, and even plug in their virtual assistant for making appointments or sending messages through our site. Musicians and artists can give their customers a deeper understanding of their artistic inspirations, motivations and passions that fuel their work.

Consultants and other professionals can highlight their areas of expertise, educational background and general approach to their practice or work. Social Media Influencers can also our site services as a hub to house all their link and network connections in one place. Online business owners can showcase their appeal to their unique niche market, etc. And everyone can still make use of all the services TTWAU has to offer.

We also offer a plethora of free income generating services can generate extra income for you without any extra cost.  These all are included for you automatically added to your site. 

The Business Bio site is a custom build. The cost is included in your the member fee of $47 a month, which includes hosting. We intentionally keep our costs low to encourage beginning entrepreneurs.

Take a look at our services at the top center, under the tab labeled “Services”, and no, you are not limited to just one.  No one is keeping you from the cookie jar…

Melissa Waters
TTWAU Brand Ambassador

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Melissa J Waters

Melissa J Waters

Melissa Waters is our Global Ambassador who helps with company PR and our Senior Blogger. Melissa is a retired counselor with years of entrepreneurial enterprise experience under her belt. We rely on Melissa for her broad experience and good-natured sense of humor!

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