The Multiplier Tips & Strategies

Multiplier Demo Page

The Multiplier website is a unique type of website that caters to the gangster personalities that have teams ready to join your strategic method of joining other opportunities. Not one size fits all and there are many out there that want to promote other companies aside from what we promote.
This is the place to create that madness and share one link to everyone.

Here Are Tips And Understandings Of How This Particular Website Works:

  1. You DON’T NEED an OPTIN page for the Multiplier – the companies that are connected to these buttons have THEIR OWN respective Optin Pages.

  2. You DON’T NEED to create an Autoresponder Email setup for your Multiplier. You setup the “Individual” companies with Individual Optin Pages. 

  3. Just like having 4 vehicles in your garage – you pay for 4 vehicles, you pay monthly the insurance and yearly registration. But… you get 4x the fun!

    ~ Having a Multiplier Site is the same thing. You will get individual sites, pay the monthly hosting for the individual sites, you MUST take care of each and every member that joins, but… you also receive more income from the individual sites and add-on affiliate buttons.
  4. You can always connect other business ventures, products, opportunities to your site on top of the already companies we carry.

  5. See the diagram below. to see what it looks like.