UPGRADES!!! Hold On To Your Socks!!!

What I’m about to tell you may just blow your socks right off.  If you’ve been a way for a while, you may have missed all the changes and upgrades we have made since our pre-launch.  Anyone who has ever built a sales funnel will tell you, it’s not easy.  This is especially true when you are building a monster – and still trying to make it user friendly.

We have listened to our early founders and have greatly simplified our incredible powerhouse system.  You still get ALL the freebies and options as the original, but now with an easier, smoother user interface and even more features and benefits.

Just take a look at all the AMAZING benefits you have now with TTWAU. 

GetPaidToGrow.net  can now be replicated with ease by everyone in your downline. So yes folks we are talking replication of your business like bunnies on steroids.  Even those folks who are not techies or even those who are new to the idea of “sales funnels” can use our system to build and grow their business.

Of course you still need to have your information ready to key in, but once you have done that, literally everything is a simple walk through now.   You, the end user, can set this up on your own schedule.  Step by step, 1,2,3, with short video tutorials to help you along the way.

This is where you will start; Gather the information you will need first.   If you get stuck reach out to us on our dedicated telegram channel;  TellTheWorldAboutUs – Official Channel.  We are here to help.

Excited yet?  If not check your pulse.

After that, jump into the system to start your own sales funnel, and you can find your socks later.  🙂

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Melissa J Waters

Melissa J Waters

Melissa Waters is our Global Ambassador who helps with company PR and our Senior Blogger. Melissa is a retired counselor with years of entrepreneurial enterprise experience under her belt. We rely on Melissa for her broad experience and good-natured sense of humor!

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