Why Would I Need The “Multiplier Service”?

Do You Offer More Than Just One Business Opportunity?

This service could well be called an “Opportunity Multiplier”.  Who doesn’t need more opportunity to expose their products or services to their prospects?  No one, but no one is offering anything like this.  


Some marketers, perhaps yourself, have multiple offerings and need a platform where they can house everything in one place.  They may also simultaneously need a site that provides their affiliates replicable sites. Our Personal Multiplier service does just this. Finally, a huge convenience, time saver, and likely even a moneymaker all in one place.  Our multiplier service puts all your projects and landing pages together in one easy-to-manage platform, not just for you but for your prospects to see as well. 


It’s not uncommon for our members to have accounts with say; Bitlocity or Hyperfund, or other programs, and when you drive traffic into one program, the Multiplier gives your customers easy access to your other offerings, thus multiplying your opportunity for building your other program teams.  Just think of that for a moment.  It’s not just about convenience, it’s also about EXPOSURE to your other services.  Exposure, in the sales world, is the same as location, location, location in the Real Estate world.


You are giving your prospects more opportunity to say YES.

Crossover opportunities for sales or recruitment just makes great sense… Especially because, well, you already have their attention. Why shouldn’t they take a look at the other products or services you have?  Why would you duplicate your efforts to send the reader to a totally different site, when by putting your offers near one another you can multiply your income?  


With the Multiplier Service, you also get a Bio Page to let your prospects know you.  A bio page adds personality and strengthens your personal branding.  The bio page can be either a business bio or personal bio, depending on which is more appropriate for your product or service.


Want extra monthly income you don’t have to work to obtain? Of course, you do. The free add-on’s make this possible without extra effort from you.  We’ve made this easy, in fact, you get these automatically!  


The Multiplier site is a custom build. The cost is a very reasonable, one-time cost of $100 per site, and $15 per month for hosting.  


***Currently TTWAU Is offering a very attractive special bonus: access to your own TTWAU affiliate program which offers you a handsome 25% of the hosting renewals, every single month that your downline affiliates renews!  Of course, this extra income can be used any way you see fit. 

Pretty sweet huh?  Is there any good reason to wait?  Seriously?  If this was any sweeter, you’d need to see a dentist.   :- )


Melissa Waters
TTWAU Brand Ambassador

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Melissa J Waters

Melissa J Waters

Melissa Waters is our Global Ambassador who helps with company PR and our Senior Blogger. Melissa is a retired counselor with years of entrepreneurial enterprise experience under her belt. We rely on Melissa for her broad experience and good-natured sense of humor!

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